Advocate for Mom and Dad

Run by caregiving extraordinaire, Deb Hallisey, Advocate for Mom and Dad provides information on important caregiving topics from help with finances to the overall safety for your caregiving experience.


In 2015, Deb Hallisey became the primary caregiver for her mother after the passing of her father. An experience that had a positive impact on her and the community she serves. All caregivers are better off with the knowledge she has to share.


About the site: "Advocate for Mom and Dad offers practical advice for “what do I do?” and “where do I start?”  You will learn from the experience of others how they handled challenges on topics such as legal, financial, insurance, and caregiving issues.  Each story includes links to resources the family found helpful as an effective advocate for their parents.  The mission of Advocate for Mom and Dad is to build a community that helps families determine their best answers to the questions of “what do I do?” and “where do I start?”

Check out Advocate for Mom and Dad for expert advice to help you manage caring for another.

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