About Us
Iamfine is a simple to use daily check-in phone call service

Inspired by a fiercely independent mother

Built by a proven IT executive team

In continuous operation since 2012

Our History

Iamfine is the brainchild of Colin and Paul Hammond. Colin lives in the UK while his brother Paul lives on the west coast of America.  They designed Iamfine to help them both keep in touch with their mother Isobel who lives alone in Florida.

The brothers regularly speak to their mother and visit several times a year, but busy schedules mean they struggle to check on her every day. Although in her mid-90s, Isobel is healthy, plays golf twice a week, lives in her own home and loves life.  Like many elderly people living alone, she is fiercely independent and doesn’t want her sons to be worrying about her.

Iamfine was built to ensure they both have peace of mind that their mother is OK each day.  With many years of technology and software experience, they set out to build Iamfine as a robust, reliable and scalable service.  Living so far apart, they made sure the system could communicate with a wide circle of family and friends, meaning that if Isobel ever missed a check-in, her friends living locally could pop in to ensure everything was fine while keeping the brothers informed.

Iamfine hasn’t replaced the visits or regular calls, but has simply supplemented the communication and care for the person Colin and Paul care most about - their mum!

We have both been involved in software companies and large technology projects.  We understand how to build and maintain a robust, reliable and scalable service.  Paul helped design one of the first VOIP cloud platforms at VirtualPBX.com and Colin has led many large software projects for several major UK companies and founded the AI software tool Scopemaster.

We are proud to have created and built Iamfine into the highly effective service that it is today, and will continue to enhance and grow its value to our customers.

Try it for your own family – free of charge for the first 14 days.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support elderly people living alone to live as independently as possible for as long as possible while keeping their family, friends and carers actively informed and involved.

We like to think we are doing our bit to help and are very proud of the positive impact Iamfine is having on society and people's lives. We also believe that Iamfine can have a significant impact on reducing the burden of care on professional care organizations. Our Care Giver Corner is a collection of articles and advice to help Care Givers manage the job of looking after their loved ones. We also have a listing of other resources available to caregivers.

As an organization we are passionate about helping families get the most out of Iamfine and doing all we can to make it as simple and straightforward to use as possible.


Paul and Colin Hammond with their Mum. The team that started Iamfine.com
Paul and Colin Hammond with their Mum Isobel. The team that started Iamfine.com
"8 out of 10 people who try the system go on to subscribe.  It feels good to be building a real solution that brings daily value to those that live alone"

Paul , Co-Founder of Iamfine.com

Robust and Reliable Service

Built with design architecture of scalability and reliability, Paul applied his skills of building a worldwide Telco company (Paul founded VirtualPBX.com in 2002) to the design of the Iamfine daily call service.

We are hosted on redundant servers spread across multiple data centers and can handle many hundreds of thousands of daily calls.

Since our start in 2012, we have grown rapidly and deliver daily reassurance to many tens of thousands of users.

Update - Living alone with Pets

Since our inception, we have heard that the service is being used in many different ways. Not only is it used as a wellness check for elderly, but there is also a large portion of our users that live alone with pets and want to make sure that if anything happens to them that their pets will be cared for.

February 2020 - Over 1,000,000 calls made.

This translates to over 1 million reassurance calls delivering peace of mind.


March 2020 - Iamfine offers free service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

See the press release and FAQ about the free service offering

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