Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting started with the Iamfine Service

Do I need any special type of equipment?

No - As long as you have a telephone you can use Iamfine.

Can I use my landline or mobile phone?

YES, either or both. We encourage you to register both your mobile and home landline, so that you can check in from either device.

Your home phone can be a traditional landline or even a MagicJack or VOIP phone.

Who is the "Loved One"?

The Loved One is the person that will receive the daily calls.

What is a Care Circle?

A Care Circle is a group of family and friends or neighbors that wish to be informed that the Loved One is OK. Some of our users have their local police agree to be in their Care Circle.

Can I subscribe on behalf of someone else?

YES. If for instance, you wish to purchase this for your parent, then select the drop-down option marked "The person I care for will check in each day" on the registration page.

This will allow you to be in their care circle, pay for the service and set your loved one to receive calls without having to pay themselves.