Refer a Friend


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You both earn a free month


For every 10 referrals earn a $200 Amazon gift card

Iamfine is one of the fastest-growing daily call services offering peace of mind to our users, but you already know that. Let's not keep it a secret. Help your friends enjoy the same peace of mind that you do. Refer a friend to the Iamfine service and we will give them a month of free service and reward you with a month of free service as well. Don't stop there.

To kick off our new "Refer a Friend" program we are also giving you the opportunity to earn a $200 Amazon gift card for every 10 referrals you send us that subscribe to the Iamfine daily call service.


Log in to your account, go to the "Referral" section and enter the details of your friend.



Your friend receives an email with details on how to get started with their 2 week free trial of the Iamfine service.

If Iamfine is right for them and they sign up and pay for the service, then we award both you and your friend with a free month of service.

Refer an unlimited amount of people. For every new customer, you receive a free month of service. For every 10 referrals that sign up you are also awarded a $200 Amazon gift card

If you have a monthly subscription, your card won't be charged again until your referral credits are used.

If you have an annual subscription, we will deduct $10 from your next billing cycle. As an example. You refer 8 people to us, your next bill will be your annual subscription of $120 less 8 months of free service resulting in a $40 charge instead of the $120.

Yes, you may award the 1 month of free service to your Loved One.

If you are in multiple Care Circles, you can select which Loved One will receive the 1 month credit.


To be eligible to receive your award, the person your referred must remain a customer for a minimum of 90 days. If they cancel prior to that, then you are not entitled to the one month of free service. Given that we have already awarded the free month we may issue a charge for any month that you had received for free.

The status of your referrals and awards can be viewed in the "Referrals" section of your account.

Simply log into your account and from the "Referrals" section hit the "Resend Invitation" button next to their name.