Covid Symptom Tracking for Communities

A fully automated daily wellness check on your community

Iamfine is now an approved service for Covid Symptom Tracking having been appointed as a Crown Commercial Service Supplier via our UK partner.

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Covid Symptom Tracking for Communities - daily automated checks

Daily Covid Symptom Tracking for Communities and Organisations

Iamfine calls each community member every day and requests responses to questions about vital signs of wellbeing. Your members require only an ordinary telephone.   

How it works:

  • Your community members receive a phone call each day at the same time (or twice daily), they answer, press 1 to check-in for the day, and then they are prompted to answer any additional questions you have chosen.
  • They can "check-in" early and submit their answers.
  • They can "check-in" and submit their answers by phone, SMS, or web
  • A missed "check-in" will automatically trigger an escalation.


  • After setup, it's a fully automated service.
  • No special equipment required.
  • Nothing to install. Internet access is not required, just a phone.
  • A realtime dashboard of checkins AND symptom data is available to community managers.
  • Customise your symptom questionnaire as needed.
  • It's flexible too - disable for certain days of the week or "vacation" periods. 

Example daily automated call:

"Hi John, thanks for checking in.  Are you experiencing a dry cough? Press 1 for yes, 3 for no.

Are you experiencing any breathing problems? 1 for yes, 3 for no.

Please enter your temperature by entering the digits on your phone followed by the # key.




Get started in a few minutes

For a very modest cost, check on the wellbeing of all your home-based community.

This enables you to provide assurance that you can target your efforts to respond more quickly to those in need of extra attention.

Covid symptom tracking of your entire team or community can be set up in a matter of hours.



You are not limited the questions in this example, you can ask any questions, including the recommended identification of COVID Symptoms as per NHS guidelines  or per the USA CDC Covid Symptoms

Iamfine provides early visibility of potential COVID 19 symptoms, allowing for early response, and the confidence that nobody will be left to suffer alone.

Ideal for any community or organisation seeking to ensure the wellbeing of their members such as:

  • Local or district health group
  • Companies with many employess at home or on furlough
  • Health insurers
  • Vulnerable community care groups
  • Charities
  • Religious communities
Group portal for Iamfine daily wellness calls
Group portal for Iamfine daily wellness calls

For Communities or Districts:

The community care solution is ideal for communities or health districts seeking to keep a daily proactive check on the wellness of the community.  

Your HR or care staff will save time, by  prioritising personal attention to those members or employees who haven’t checked in or who have reported concerning symptoms.

Daily Wellness Monitoring:

Iamfine is a very cost effective and reliable means of keeping track of the wellbeing of your home-based community.

Iamfine is not a replacement for in-home care, but it is the perfect tool to check in with members who normally do not require a daily visit.

Iamfine can help with your community wellness monitoring

You can set up daily Covid symptom tracking for your entire community today.