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Thoughts and advice for care givers

Exercise Safely – A guide for seniors

Exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle. We are active as children and young adults. In those times of our lives, we often take the ease of mobility for granted. As we age it can be harder to do simple physical motions which can cause us to not be as active and can lead to…
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Long distance caregiving

Thoughts on caregiving from a distance Long distance caregiving is defined as when you live at least an hour or more away from your loved one. It can be stressful and a huge responsibility to take on as a son, daughter, or family member. However, living far away from a loved doesn’t have to make…
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A story from an Iamfine user who lives alone with his pet

Living alone with your pet – what happens to them if you are incapacitated? It’s always interesting to hear from our users on how they find value in Iamfine I recently spoke with Marcus from Atlanta, Georgia. Marcus lives alone with his pet German shepherd, “Tessa”. His house is a few hundred yards from the…
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What is a senior citizen?

Technology and daily terms have changed significantly during our lifetime Let’s look at the world through the eyes of a senior citizen…..   One who was here before: the pill, television, frozen food, cell phones, Bluetooth, GPS, plastic surgery, contact lenses, and credit cards and even before the jet engine airplane. For us, timesharing meant togetherness,…
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Safeguarding a home to prevent falls

Falling down as a child was normal. Some dirt would be on our knees, and maybe a bump or scrape to cry about before getting back up and playing. Falling is one of the leading causes of death in those over 65 years old. As a senior citizen, the thought of falling down can be…
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