Senior Citizens: Empowered through technology

empowered thru tech Utilizing technological resources to your advantage does not mean a diminished capacity...

After living your whole life independently, asking for help can be hard. Often asking for help can feel like admitting that you are no longer capable of taking care of yourself. But having technology in place to help monitor your well-being can be empowering, and for people with pets or other dependants, having a plan in place can ease the fear in the face of the unknown. Feeling empowered through technology can feel daunting but, utilizing technological resources to your advantage does not mean a diminished capacity, it means planning ahead.


Our solution


Iamfine is one such technology that can help seniors feel empowered in their decision to age-in-place, meaning they continue to live out their lives in their own homes. The daily call service, Iamfine, is far less invasive than at-home welfare checks and is as simple as answering the phone once or twice per day, allowing the user to have a sense of freedom to continue about their day.

"This Iamfine is working like a charm," James Hennigar, an Iamfine customer, said. "It's not intrusive, it rings, you answer it, and that's it."


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Empowered through technology


In no way does utilizing technology mean we lack the capacity to care for ourselves. As we age, we make use of glasses and hearing aids and may buy remotes or cell phones with large or illuminated buttons; all of these things are technological advances designed to make aging easier. When it comes to technology to monitor well-being however, many can feel weary. The point of these technologies is not to make the user feel inferior but to empower them in their care.


Advancements in Technology


Fall detection devices are another way to help seniors feel more secure living in their own homes. One in four Americans over the age of 65 falls each year, according to the National Council on Aging. Falls can lead to serious injury and even be fatal, so many fall-detection services are in place to help empower seniors. From Life Alert to the fall detection system on Apple watches, these technologies are a non-intrusive form of monitoring seniors' health.


Planning for a pet?


For people with pets, having something like Iamfine in place can help reassure them that should something happen to them, someone will care for their furry friend. Technologies are in place to help reduce the time between an emergency and a response. When seniors utilize the technologies available, it can help ease the worries of what the outcome of an emergency might be.


Fight off intimidation


Adding new technologies into our life can be intimidating, but these advances are there to help add to our well-being, not take away from it. Using a daily call service and a fall detection system should help empower seniors in their decision to continue to care for themselves. As aging in place becomes more commonplace, so should the choice to utilize the technologies that help with senior care and feeling empowered through technology can be achieved. 


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