Daily Check-In’s: Caring for a Spouse with Alzheimers

Alzheimer spouse story A story of care from one of our Iamfine customers...

When you have been married 57 years, learning that your spouse has Alzheimer's can be devastating news, but knowing that you have a security net in place to care for them should something happen can mean the world. Knowing that Iamfine, the daily check-in service, is in place and ready to get help should something happen gives James Hennigar peace of mind in his role as caretaker for his wife, Sue.


Comfort of Daily Check-ins


"As far as I'm concerned, I feel more comfortable now knowing I have that security for just a small amount of money," Hennigar said.

Hennigar has been caring for his wife, who has moderate Alzheimers since they received the diagnoses two years ago. Together they moved from an active resort community in Florida to Penny Retirement Community, which among their trained staff has memory care specialists and support groups.

"It was a big change for me, a big change to all of us," Hennigar said.

Keeping Loved-Ones Close


But still, he chooses to keep his wife close. Hennigar, whose wife is his high school sweetheart, said they knew she might develop Alzheimer's since his wife's mother also suffered from it. Their new accommodations help relieve some of the stress of caretaking, but still, Hennigar would lay awake at night worrying what would happen to his wife should something happen to him.

When they first moved to the retirement community a year ago, his wife opened the front door and began to walk away. To keep her safe, he put a keypad on the inside of the door so that she can't open the front door and wander out. She no longer has the cognitive skills to answer the door or place a phone call should something happen, which is why Hennigar decided to sign up for Iamfine.


Preparing for the Unexpected 


"She's really vulnerable," Hennigar said. "This service really wiped out the worries I had."

He has Iamfine call his cell phone at 6 a.m. every day and encourages people who are considering it to give it a try. He even suggests using it to check in on a loved one or as a way to ensure the safety of a pet.

"This Iamfine is working like a charm," Hennigar said. "It's not intrusive, it rings, you answer it, and that's it."

For caretakers of people suffering from Alzheimers or dementia, Iamfine's daily check-in service can help ease some worries about what would become of their loved one should something happen to them. For Hennigar and his wife, he said it made all the difference in easing his fears.


Alzheimer Resources


There are a lot of resources out there. It can be overwhelming. Here are some links to sites that can over some assistance:

Alzheimer Association Resource List - "Browse information, tools, and resources for understanding life and caregiving with Alzheimer's and dementia."

BrightFocus Foundation


And to learn more about how Iamfine can assist you, visit our page for Spouses Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer's.


For more information about caring for a spouse with Alzheimer's dementia visit Alz.org

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