Testimonial – from a very happy customer.

(This is the original, unsolicited testimonial letter from a very happy customer).

Dear Iamfine,

Nearing the three-month mark in acquiring the services of Iamfine, I feel compelled to write a letter of thanks and, in my own way, provide a testimonial of the benefits that your organization provide.

As a resident of Canada, I had spent many months attempting to find a‘Wellness Check’ phone service that would alleviate a growing concern that, because I am a live-alone senior with a son residing two and half thousand miles away, my daily status would not be recognized for days or even a couple of weeks after any unfortunate circumstance occurring. Whereas medic-alert type assistance is readily accessible in Canada, a daily Telephone Reassurance service is not, based on extensive research, widely available. It was through sheer persistence and after reading a complimentary online article that I came across the services of Iamfine.

On one occasion during the free Trial Period, and with the cooperation of my Care Circle members, I purposely did not respond to the four daily calls. Emails plus text (or phone) messages were provided to each member. The process was seamless.

During this initial three-month period of my annual subscription, the automated phone service reaches me at the exact time desired every day – never early, never late, always on time. I specifically like the fact that I can login to my account online at any time after midnight and my ‘check-in’ status is recorded for the day. This benefit is convenient when I know I may be out driving my car or otherwise unavailable at the assigned time. I will admit that my adult son the other side of the country felt that I was going overboard in terms of caution being exercised, but within a week of my acquiring the service from Iamfine the acknowledged that this was a godsend to him knowing that my well-being was being monitored on a rotating 24-hour basis.

I have found the Iamfine website to be intuitive with detailed data information relating to the activity on my account. Of particular note is the story on the website of how Iamfine was formulated a decade ago and the individuals involved. This, more than anything, provided reassurance that the service being offered was based on personal family experience, backed by expertise to handle such a complex enterprise.

As an aside, but perhaps highly relevant, this past week I installed an electronic Key Pad deadbolt on my condominium front door. It has become the missing link in ensuring my welfare is attended to. My Iamfine Circle members, if and when they need to reach the necessary authorities to undertake a welfare check as a result of phone contact not being responded to, simply provide the Access Code for prompt ease of entry.

Whereas Iamfine may have its competitors in the U.S., or indeed in the U.K., here in Canada the availability of such a comparable service as provided by Iamfine appears to be minimal or even non-existent. I wish the organization every success in furthering its reach across the country.

This may be stretching the realm of probability, but I sincerely hope that I can avail myself of Iamfine for eternity. Kudos to everyone involved.

Graham W

Vancouver Island


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