Living alone at home?

Stay safe and age in place with a daily automated check in call 


Iamfine will help you stay in your home longer

Currently, over 1/3 of seniors living at home are living alone. Many want to stay in their homes as long as possible without being a burden to their family. This is known as aging-in-place

Iamfine helps achieve this

By bringing family, friends, and even neighbors into a coordinated care team circle, Iamfine helps keep a watchful eye on those that live alone. For a very low-cost Iamfine helps your ability to age in place thereby maintaining comfort, familiarity and your independence.

It's done with an automated daily call

  • Iamfine will call you every day.
  • Simply answer the phone and press "1".  That's it!
  • You are now checked in for the day.

What if I miss my call?

Iamfine will call you 4 more times within the hour and if we still can't get hold of you we will notify your Care Circle 


It's never been easier to get started

No credit card required for the trial

At the end of the 2-week trial, no need to call and cancel.