Automated Resident Check-ins for Independent Living Facilities

Check on 300 Residents in less than 10 minutes

  • Touch base with your residents every day - effortlessly
  • Your residents can check in daily - conveniently and without intrusion  
  • It’s a quick and cost-effective way to make sure your residents are OK.
  • Additional reassurance of the wellbeing of your residents.

How The Resident Check-In Service Works

  • Set a check-in time for your residents
  • Residents call or text your dedicated check-in phone number before the specified check-in time
  • If they forget to check in on time, we call them. The resident answers and presses “1” to check in for the day
  • After an hour of trying to reach them,  we will alert your security team

No Special Equipment

Uses your residents' existing landline or cell phone

Automated Alerts

Receive alerts to your security team or front desk when a resident misses their check in

Real Time Dashboard

At a glance, know the checkin status of every resident

Independent living Checkin Dashboard Screenshot

Independent Living Facility in PA

"Having the resident check-in service from has allowed us to replace the personal visits to over 300 units and improved the sense of security for all our residents."

Resident Check in by Iamfine is a fully automated service that provides independent living centers and assisted living facilities with an easy way to check on their residents every morning.

A resident calls the dedicated check in phone number to check in for the day. The service identifies the resident by their caller ID. At a specified time, the service will call out to all participating residents who haven’t checked in yet. All residents status is displayed in real-time in the web portal.

A resident may be put on hold through our Vacation mode. 

The service is available in the USA, Canada and the UK

We support sites from as small as 10 units to many thousands of residents

We will work with your site to run a no-charge 10 day test of the service for a limited number of residents

Please call us at (855) 410-1010 for a quote

We provide a white glove onboarding service where we will upload your initial set of residents. After which you can add/edit/delete residents through the online web portal.

Try it out at your independent living facility today