Professional Caregiver Guide


Assisted and Independent living:

Does your assisted living or independent living facility take the time to touch base with your residents every day?  Iamfine has been working with organizations to allow a caregiver to check in daily without the need for a phone conversation or door to door visit.  It’s a quick and cost-effective way to make sure your residents are OK, adding another layer of comfort to the already comprehensive care you provide.    

Iamfine will call your residents once or twice a day and prompt them to press a single key on their phone to confirm that they are OK.  If a resident does need your attention, they can just stay on the line and press another digit to alert you to call them back.

Iamfine will continue to call them and send you a notification if they haven’t checked in. 

Home Care:


With continued budget restraints in medical care, Iamfine can save organizations money by reducing the number of unnecessary care calls to your clients.  Let us do the work for you!!

Let us help manage your caregivers time by prioritizing visits for people who haven’t checked in.  Iamfine is not a replacement for in-home care, but it is the perfect tool to check in with clients who normally do not require a daily visit.

With a growing number of seniors choosing to stay in their own home, Iamfine can help in maintaining the much-needed level of comfort, familiarity and independence.

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