How the Iamfine daily call service works

No Setup Fees
No special equipment

A simple daily phone call

Its never been easier to check-in with your loved ones

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As a Loved One

As a Loved One, maintain your independence

We will call you at the time of your choosing (1 or 2 times a day)

Answer the phone and press "1". That's it, you are checked in!

Optionally your friends and family (it's their choice) can be notified when you have checked in for the day. 

Daily Tip 1.2

Missed your Check-in Call? No problem !

We'll call you 4 times over the next hour. If we still can't reach you, we'll alert your friends & family.

Want to check-in before your scheduled call?

It's easy to check-in ahead of your scheduled time

Call the Iamfine number

Text "OK" to the Iamfine number

Log into the web site

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For the Care Circle

You have been invited to join a Care Circle

  • Set your preferences to be contacted
    • Every time your Loved One checks in
    • Only when your Loved One misses a check-in
Caregiving System of Support
Daily Tip 1.2

What happens if your Loved One misses a Check-in Call

There are many reasons why your Loved One may have missed the check-in call. They may be in the garden or simply didn't get to the phone in time.

To avoid sending a false alarm, we will call them 4 more times over the next hour before we alert the Care Circle.  If we still can't reach them, we'll alert the entire Care Circle.

Each care Circle member set their own preferences on how to be contacted

  • Email (always)
  • SMS (optional)
  • Automated phone call (optional)