How the Iamfine daily call service works

No Setup Fees
No special equipment

A simple daily phone call

Its never been easier to check-in with your loved ones


One Time Setup

Create a calling schedule

  • Sign up online
  • Select 1 or 2 calls per day at times that suit you
  • Optionally, select which days of the week to receive your calls
  • Optionally, add a custom message to each call

Invite people to your Care Circle

We send them an email with a link to confirm that they want to be in the Care Circle.

They decide how and when they want to be contacted

How to be contacted:

  • Email (always on by default)
  • Text message
  • Phone call

When to be contacted:

  • Every time the Loved One checks in
  • Only when the Loved One misses the scheduled check in

Check-In Every Day

Wait for your scheduled call and press "1", then hang up.

Or check in ahead of your scheduled time by.

  • Calling into Iamfine, waiting for a couple of seconds while we recognize your phone and then hang up.
  • Texting "OK" to Iamfine

Missed Check-In

  • Iamfine will call 4 more times in the next hour.
  • Then if Iamfine has still not heard from you, it will send an alert notification to all Care Circle members

What the Loved One hears when we call

When your Loved One answers the phone, they will hear a personalized message. As an example, Bob is the Loved One and has Tara and Jane in his Care Circle.

"Hello Bob, This is Iamfine. Please press 1 to check in."

After Bob presses 1, he will hear.

"Thank you for checking in. You may now hang up"

At this point, Bob may hang up or wait for the special feature that asks Iamfine to send a request to a member of Bob's Care Circle to contact him.

"If you wish to request one of your care circle members to contact you today. Press 2 for Tara, press 3 for Jane."