Free Service for all new customers

July 5, 2020 Update

We have now launched a full Covid symptom tracking extension for communities.  This allows for supplementary questions to be appended to each daily call, so that participants can provide answers to key questions about COVID Symptoms.

June 2, 2020 UPDATE

Our offer to provide the service for free during the Covid-19 shelter in place has been very successful, and we have been able to help many people that were looking for the additional peace of mind a daily check-in call brings.

We are so happy that we could do this, for the past few months.

As of June 3, 2020, we are returning to our regular business model of a free 2 week trial period. No credit card is required and there are no contracts or long term agreements.

Wishing our community of users good health and peace in these troubled times.

The team at


March 16, 2020

We have decided to provide the Iamfine daily automated phone check-in service for free to new users during this pandemic.

As the world is finding ways to slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it seems that self-isolation is the most effective. This is a particularly anxious time for the older members of our community and their families, especially for those seniors who already live alone.

Iamfine was designed to provide reassurance to those living alone and is ideally suited to provide extra reassurance to those who are having to self-isolate AND their families.

This means people who live alone will have the reassurance every day that if something happens to them and they can't get to the phone, someone will be alerted and can come to their aid. It also provides reassurance to their family and friends that they are OK each day. The service optionally allows for 2 calls a day providing both a morning and evening check in.


      • FREE to use during the COVID-19 pandemic
      • No credit card required
      • Ideal for ANYONE that is self-isolating 

What is self-isolation?

Self-isolation is when people reduce their contact with the outside world to help reduce the spread of a contagious disease. By limiting outings to only what is necessary, work, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, etc. people can limit both their exposure and risk. Limiting the spread of the disease helps reduce the pressure of medical staff and gives medical researchers the time to learn more about the disease and how to cure it.

How can Iamfine help?

Iamfine is a daily call service that can help provide reassurance during these uncertain times. Iamfine is offering its services at no cost throughout the pandemic to help those who are self-isolating due to the coronavirus. Have peace of mind that even while you enter into self-isolation, someone will check-in on you to make sure you are OK.

How does Iamfine work?

Iamfine will call you at the same time every day to check-in and make sure you are OK. Should you not answer your call, the service will call you four more times within the hour, at which point your care circle will be notified should you still not answer. Care Circle members can be anyone you trust but are not a replacement for emergency services.

How to get started with your free service?

If you are one of the many practicing self-isolation right now, click on the free trial and enter APRIL2020 in the discount field.

How long will the free service last?

We are providing this service for free to new users throughout the pandemic. The COVID-19 situation is changing daily and we hope to be able to extend that for as long as this pandemic has people self-isolating. The service does cost money to provide and we will continue to offer it for free for as long as we can afford to. Existing users can get extended or even free service by using the referral feature.

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