How to Protect Your Pet If Something Happens to You?

Who will care for my pet if something happens to me? 

For many seniors, pets replace human companionship and become their only family. So, seniors, probably more than anyone else, think about the fate of their furry friends if something happens to them.


This article will once and forever calm your worries about your pet's future if you can no longer care for them. Integrate the advice below into your and your pet's life today and gain the peace of mind you need!


Who will help your pet find the strength to live further when you are no longer with them?...


Pets grieve the loss of their owners just as humans do; they fall into depression, lose interest in activities, and may even become ill. And when something happens to you, it's more crucial than ever to ensure a trustworthy and kind soul can heal your pet's broken heart and give them a reason to live further.


One study among American pet owners revealed that 23% of pet owners ALWAYS understand what their pets want to say, and 46% claimed they OFTEN do. And if that's the case and our pets really have something to tell us, they probably want one thing - to be taken care of even when we are gone...


Let's consider the options.

Pet Bailey at risk

What are the chances of your pet's survival and well-being if you, unfortunately, pass away or become unable to care for them due to a sudden illness or disability?


Most probably, your furry friend will be transferred to a shelter and eventually, when nobody claims them as their own, they will be put up for adoption. While there are chances a kind-hearted soul will take them to their home and give them the love they need, there's no guarantee.


Besides, suddenly appearing in a shelter and changing their environment is stressful for any pet, just like it would be for humans. That's why most pet owners strive to find a potential guardian for their pets whom they know and trust.


And if you have at least one person in mind, make sure you make the necessary arrangements to inform your trustful friend or family member of your choice and that they'll be ready to take responsibility for your pet if the time comes.

Whom Would I Trust My Pet to?

Your pet will need a kind-hearted owner more than ever if you, a loyal companion for years, cannot be there with them. They will need someone ready to dedicate the time, effort and love that your pet has been used to all these years. Only a big love for animals, strong willpower, and a lot of patience will do the trick!


That's why choosing a reliable caregiver for your pet in an emergency is essential. It could be anyone - from a family member or close friend to a professional pet sitter or a local animal rescue. What's important is that you pick someone the pet will be comfortable with and have enough time to take care of them.


Find Someone You Trust 


Who do you trust the most? And knowing your pet, who's the type of person they would embrace? Is it your best friend, a family member, or a professional pet sitter? Carefully filter out potential guardians and think of the pros and cons of each choice.


Surprisingly, your trusted one can be out of the family. It can be someone from your extended network - like a friend, neighbor, coworker, or even a professional pet sitter you trust and know well.


Whoever you choose, let it be someone that your pet has already seen several times and developed deep emotional bonds with. This type of connection will make the transition to the new owner smoother for your pet and more reassuring for you.


Pay close attention to how your pet reacts when you introduce them to the potential caregiver. If they are comfortable and happy around the person, that's a green light you can trust them with your pet.

How Will Your Trusted Caregiver Know Your Pet Needs Help?

After dedicated care for years, your pet can't survive for long without food, scared and alone if you suddenly can't take care of them. So it's crucial to inform the chosen guardian about your pet's needs in case of an emergency as soon as possible. 


You can call the caregiver yourself if you have a minor temporary injury. But if something more serious happens, like being injured in an accident or passing away, it's important to have someone close to you who can notify the caregiver quickly.

Copy Of Iamfine Pets (1200 × 628 Px) 14

Here's when the best solution for pet owners who live alone comes to help!


Iamfine is a daily check-in service that checks your wellness daily and notifies your emergency caregiver in case you are out of reach. 


Every day at your chosen hour, you get an automated check-in call. If everything is OK with you, you press "1" on your phone, notifying the system you are alright and there is no need to alert your emergency contacts. You can also check in before the automated call by dialing Iamfine's number yourself


So, your care circle of friends and family are informed about your well-being even if they are too busy to check on you themselves. You have peace of mind that if something happens to you, your emergency caregiver will discover it within 24 hours and come to care for your pet. 

Here is a step by step guide to set up the Iamfine dailycall service

If your smartphone or laptop is near, and you have a stable internet connection, follow the below steps and set up your Iamfine account in a few minutes!

Step 1: Head to Iamfine Registration Page

To start with, you need to fill in the basic personal and contact information on Iamfine's registration form.

Signup Page
  1. Who will check in each day? - Choose the right option. Are you securing yourself, or do you want Iamfine to check on your loved one?
  2. Where are you at? - Give Iamfine the necessary information to call you. Choose the country, timezone, and phone number to receive the check-in call.
  3. Choose a reliable password and sign up.

Step 2: Verify Your Phone Number

You should do your first check-in to verify your phone number with Iamfine. The system will call the number you've provided in Step 1 and ask you to press "1" on your phone to verify your phone number.

Number Verification

Important: Ensure you give a phone number that is always available!

Step 3: Create a Care Circle

Your Care Circle is the network of people who will be notified if Iamfine fails to receive a check-in from you.


If you do not press "1" during your regular check-in call and if you are out of reach within the next hour (Iamfine will call you four more times every 15 minutes after the missed check-in call), Iamfine sends an email or SMS to your Care Circle members with a notification that you have not answered your check-in call.


Press "Care Circle", then go to "Manage the Care Circle" and fill in the contact information for the people you want to be notified if something goes wrong.


You can mention their email address or phone number, whatever works better.

Care Circle Invite

So, by integrating Iamfine into your daily life, you can rest assured that your pet will be taken care of if something happens to you. If you cannot check in, which most probably means you are in an emergency, your Care Circle members will be notified immediately and come to your rescue. Your pet will be safe and sound until you get the necessary help and recover.

What Else Does Iamfine Do? Medical Reminders

Iamfine can also help you take your medicine on time by sending you daily reminders. All you need to do is give the system detailed information on what you should drink and when. Then, you will get automatic reminders when it is time to take your medication.

What Do Others Say About Iamfine?

Pamela B.

I've lived alone for about 20 years, which suits me. However, for the past five years, I've had no one to check on me daily (except my coworkers five days a week). Then I was laid off, can't find a job, and now I really don't have anybody to miss me.

I have personal knowledge of some people's falls at home, and the outcome can be tragic.

Iamfine gives me a safety net and only takes a few seconds of my and my contacts' time daily.


Colleen J.

What a relief my experience with IAMFINE is to me.

I have been alone for a very long time, am the last one living in my family. My main concern is my little pet cat. She has been my constant companion for nearly nine years. Should something unforeseen occur, the care of my loving little pet weighs heavy on my mind. I am so worried that she would be left alone with no food or water with no one even knowing she was in dire straights.

Now I can rest easy. "IAMFINE" monitoring my home with a daily phone call assures me that someone will notify my contacts should I not answer my phone.

The cost is a fair price to pay for peace of mind both for my welfare and that of my pet.


Jill H.

The service gave me peace of mind. I stopped worrying about my cats feasting on my deceased body, knowing I would be found way before that happened.


Katherine D.

I LOVE this service. I'm not a senior, but I do live alone with my much-loved dogs. I used to worry a great deal that something could happen to me and that my dogs would suffer for days before anyone noticed I was "missing". I was so thrilled to find this service this past year and that the technology was SO well done.


I can't even put a value on the peace of mind this service gives me. Thank you!!!!