Daily Check-in Tips

Weekly tip 1 Have you checked in today?

Checking in with automated daily check-in calls is meant to be simple and provide peace of mind. Our system calls every single day at any preferred time. All the person checking has to do is answer and press 1 on their phones keypad. 

If you do not answer, we try 4 more times in roughly 10-min intervals for exactly 50 minutes. If after 50 minutes and 5 phone calls still no check-in, then we send out an automated ALERT via email, phone call and/or text message to your prearranged contacts in your care circle. 


Did you know we offer alternative methods of check-in


Alternative Methods of Check-in:

  1. CALL the Iamfine check-in line from 1 of your registered phone (can register 2)
  2. TEXT the word "OK" to the Iamfine number from your registered cell phone
  3. LOGIN to your account on the Iamfine website and you are instantly checked in for the day

If you complete any of these methods of check-ins before OR during your daily check-in cycle



Use your scheduled call time as a reminder to check-in via an alternative method listed above! 


The last thing you should feel is stress during your scheduled check-in call cycle. Our goal is for you to feel empowered by your decision to use our service not hindered. If you're away from the phone but know it's time to check-in, do not rush. Take your time to safely cease whatever activity you’re involved in and either make yourself available for the next call OR use one of the alternative methods to check-in. The easiest being calling us right back! 


More to Come

Stay tuned for more tips on how to use our daily check-in's service to your advantage and benefit. 


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