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Imagine going to bed with a stomach ache and waking up in the hospital. That’s exactly what happened to Vince Arcuri in early July and, if it hadn’t been for Iamfine's daily call service and quick response from his family, he might not have gotten to the hospital in time for his life-saving intervention. “I highly recommend the [service],” Arcuri said. “That I would say saved my life, other than that no one checks on me.”


July 2019 - The Life-Saving Intervention

Arcuri was diagnosed with a gallbladder attack and had developed a severe case of septic shock due to the infection of his organ. His doctors told him that only one-third of patients survive. If it hadn’t been for the call service, he said no one would have thought to check on him.

Arcuri had been doing a celery juice cleanse which may have contributed to his condition, according to a video he made for his YouTube channel. In the video, Arcuri addresses his 30,000 followers sharing his experience with the cleanse and the following near-death experience.

On July 3, Arcuri came home from visiting his wife at the nursing home and felt intense stomach pains. He took some medication and went to bed and the next day woke up in the hospital.


Daily Call Service

Overnight, his temperature had risen to 106.5 degrees, and his blood sugar levels were in the 500s. Luckily, as someone living on his own, he had thought to put a safety net in place by signing up for Iamfine’s daily call service.

Every morning at 10 a.m. Arcuri receives a call which prompts him to press one if he is fine. On the day he was admitted to the hospital, he did not answer the call.

“So the fact that I was sick, I wasn’t able to press one on my home phone,” Arcuri said.

When someone doesn’t answer their daily call, Iamfine sends out notifications via text and email to their list of emergency contacts. The day Arcuri missed his call, his daughter was immediately notified, prompting her to send her husband to check on Arcuri.

When Arcuri’s son-in-law arrived at the house, he could see Arcuri’s 90-pound labrador retriever pacing inside the house, but Arcuri did not come to answer the door. His son-in-law then called emergency services who gained access to the home.

“They took me right to the hospital, and that’s what saved me,” Arcuri said.


Is it right for you?

He said that he decided to sign up for Iamfine after his neighbor’s ex-wife died in her backyard. It was two weeks before someone came to check on her, and Arcuri didn’t want the same thing happening to him. Thanks to his daily call service's life-saving intervention, it didn't. Though he doesn’t know anyone else who currently uses the service, he said he is passing the word along.

“I can say that saved my life,” Arcuri said.

To learn more about Arcuri’s experience, watch his Youtube video.

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