Check-in Call’s for Pet Owners Living Alone

Say Hello to Tillie...

One of the scariest things about getting older is thinking of those you leave behind. Especially now, as more seniors reap the benefits of pet companionship, it is vital to have a plan for what will become of the pet if something happens to the owner. Daily check-in calls for Pet Owners with Iamfine is one way to ensure your pet is taken care of in the event of an emergency or if you pass away. The latter is real fear shared by many.

Peace of Mind for Living Alone With Pet

Leroi Spangle, 74, is another Iamfine member whose primary concern is his pet. Spangle has owned schnauzers for the past 50 years, and recently after losing his beloved dog April, he adopted a new schnauzer puppy. Spangle said he rarely has company. He used to worry before signing up for Iamfine that if something happened to him, it would be weeks before someone found him and, more importantly, his dog.

“It’s a fact of life, none of us are going to live forever,” Spangle said. “So, just think about what happens to your pet without a service like this.”

Spangle’s new dog is just a few months old, a black schnauzer named Tillie. Spangle said Iamfine gives him peace of mind since his main concern is her well being. Iamfine calls his house twice a day, and if he doesn’t answer, a text is sent out to someone who will take care of his new companion. In addition to the text, Leroi has set up his Iamfine alert notifications to include a phone call to the local dispatch so they can initiate a wellness check. Leroi has coordinated this alert phone call with Iamfine and his local dispatch.

Companionship for Pet Owners

Spangle said the affection he gets from his dog is unmatched, and that while some people choose to take cruises and travel his fulfillment comes from spending time with his four-legged friend.

“Older people need that, to feel loved, important, needed,” Spangle said. “Schnauzers are bred for intelligence, tricks, and personality, but most importantly, the amount of love they show is incredible.”

Spangle has been living alone with his pet companion since his wife passed away and said he doesn’t know a single person his age who doesn’t have a pet. He said everyone should consider a service that ensures the safety of their pets should something happen.

He said he tried other services that only functioned Monday through Friday, and that he chose Iamfine because it works seven days a week. Check-in Calls for Pet Owners offer solutions to many real fears.

“This is a service that has one major core, positive,” Spangle said. “It is dependable and precise.”

Spangle recommends that all seniors consider adding a pet into their life. He said that life without a dog isn’t as enjoyable and that it is easy to fall into depression. A dog’s love has no limits and is something to cherish.

“You don’t know how much that means,” Spangle said. “A million dollars can’t replace that feeling.”

Addressing a Real Fear

Conley Graves, an Iamfine user who passed away earlier this year, used the service for precisely that reason. 

“Conley greatly appreciated the service,” Athena Pierce, a member of Graves’ care circle, said. “It worked exactly as he intended. After he passed, his dog was retrieved in a timely manner. This would have made him very happy.”

Iamfine is set up to automatically call its subscribers, once or twice per day, to check-in. When the user answers the phone, they press “1” if they are fine. Should something prevent the person from answering the phone, a notification will be sent out to the user’s care circle. 

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