5 Dog Breeds For Older Adults

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5 Dog Breeds For Older Adults

There is no denying the enrichment that dogs bring to our lives. From keeping us active to boosting our mood, dog ownership can be beneficial to people of all ages. However, these benefits may be even more apparent among seniors. So for those over the age of 65 looking for a new companion, it is important to choose the right breed for the environment and lifestyle you live. Here is a list of the top 5 dog breeds best suited for seniors.

While a high energy puppy may be a great choice for families with a big backyard, in retirement life tends to slow down. For seniors looking for a new companion, a smaller dog with fewer activity needs may be a better choice. Adopting a senior pet from a local shelter can also be a good choice, as older dogs often need less training and are less active. Some breeds, in particular, are excellent choices for older adults.


Poodles are incredibly intelligent dogs and when well trained, can be an excellent companion for a senior. They come in toy, miniature and standard sizes ranging from six pounds in the toy variety up to about 60 pounds in the standard variety. Poodles don't shed very much, and their coat is low maintenance if kept clipped short. Poodles are a perfect choice for seniors with allergies or other sensitivities.


Malteses win the award for best lap dogs. Seniors looking for a small quiet companion who loves to cuddle will enjoy the companionship of a Maltese. At under 7 pounds, Maltese are great for seniors with limited space. They are another option for seniors with allergies as they don't shed. Maltese is an adaptable breed and live long lives.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

There are several types of spaniels, but for seniors, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a wonderful choice. They are quiet, small dogs that do great as lap dogs. For seniors with grandchildren, spaniels are great with children of all ages. They are also very adaptable dogs, changing their activity level based on their owners, they can be happy going on long walks or lounging on the couch.

French Bulldog 

The French bulldog is a quiet yet spirited companion that can be ideal for seniors. They do well in smaller spaces, so they are great options for those living in apartments or retirement living communities. French Bulldogs do not need a lot of exercise as they tire easily, yet they are still a playful breed. Weighing under 28 pounds, they are small but mighty and make excellent watchdogs.

Labrador Retriever 

Small dogs are usually the best option for seniors, but for those looking for a larger breed labrador retrievers are a great option. Labs are good for seniors with a lot of outdoor space, and they are protective and loyal. They are great with children and can be trained as service animals, making them a good choice for seniors with disabilities or health impairments.


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