How to Protect Your Loved Ones If They Live Alone?

Worried about the safety of your loved ones who lives alone? Gain peace of mind only when you know that they're safe and secure?


We know your pain…


Living with the constant worry that something could happen to your loved ones when they're alone is hard. It's especially hard when seniors are most vulnerable to falling prey to health-related accidents.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your loved ones from harm and ensure their safety even when they're living alone. Read on to learn how to protect your loved ones if they live alone.

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The solo life of our loved ones, especially seniors, can be lonely and intimidating. Make sure you check in on them frequently so that they're not isolated or living in fear that something bad can happen to them in their home. Talk on the phone with them daily and drop by whenever you can to check on them.

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Today's fast-paced life has us running around, juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities. And as sad as it sounds, it can be hard to manage a regular check-in schedule with your loved ones who live alone. To ensure they stay safe and secure even when you can't visit them often, you can install an automated check-in service on their smartphone or computer. is one of the most popular automated check-in services that helps thousands of families check in on their loved ones with just a click. It provides daily reminders and check-in requests to your seniors so that you can be sure they're safe and secure at all times. is an elderly-friendly daily check-in service that regularly updates your loved one's safety and well-being. It does not require software installation and can be used from any computer or smartphone. All you need is to register the contacts of you and your loved one in the system and it will automatically send out daily check-in requests.

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To check-in, your loved one would just need to press "1" on the keyboard, after which their safety will be confirmed. You can check your loved one's status on the real-time dashboard.


If your loved one does not respond to the check-in phone call, will make four follow-up calls to them in the following hour. If there is no answer, you will immediately get an alarm notification via SMS or e-mail to come and check on your loved one.


This way, you can be sure you will be notified on time if something is off, and you can take swift action to protect them. 

If your smartphone or laptop is near, and you have a stable internet connection, follow the below steps and set up your Iamfine account in a few minutes!

To start with, you need to fill in the basic personal and contact information on Iamfine's registration form.

Signup Page
  1. Who will check in each day? - Choose the right option. Are you securing yourself, or do you want Iamfine to check on your loved one?
  2. Where are you at? - Give Iamfine the necessary information to call you. Choose the country, timezone, and phone number to receive the check-in call.
  3. Choose a reliable password and sign up.

Do a quick test to ensure the system works without interruptions. The system will call the number you've provided in Step 1 and ask your loved one to press "1" to verify your phone number.

Number Verification

Important: Ensure you give a phone number that is always available!

Who should be alarmed if your loved one is out of reach?


Add your and other close family members to the Care Circle. It would be ideal if you could have at least one additional contact on the list who lives close to your loved one. In this case, if you cannot respond, the other Care Circle member can take measures in case something happens.


Press "Care Circle", then go to "Manage the Care Circle" and fill in the contact information for the people you want to be notified if something goes wrong.

Care Circle Invite

That's all! You can rest assured you are always connected to your loved one's safety, no matter how busy or far away you are. is an easy, reliable and convenient way for elderly adults who live alone to stay safe. 

5 Additional tips to help your loved ones who live alone

What else can you do to ensure your loved ones' safety? Ideally, you should possibly prevent them from falling down or getting hurt, as those are the key issues for elderly adults living alone. Additionally, try to provide them with accessible medical supplies and equipment, as seconds matter if they are in an emergency situation.


Here are five universal tips to secure your loved one in their solo life.


Tip 1: Avoid slippery surfaces

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Install grab bars, handrails, and non-slip mats in their bathroom to prevent falls. Slippery surfaces of the bathrooms are the main reason for falls, which can further result in serious injuries, so make sure to take this step seriously.


Besides securing your loved ones in the bathroom, ensure that the stairs and entrance to their home are also secured. Properly lighten these areas to ensure they can navigate safely during nighttime.


Buying shoes with non-slip soles are another great idea. This will help them to walk more safely around the house and outside.

Tip 2: Provide them with a medication kit

Medical Kit

Your loved one might need urgent medical assistance, so keep a basic first-aid box at their home in an accessible place. You can include basic medical supplies such as medication, bandages, thermometers, etc and put them in a place they can easily reach.


Ensure your loved one has all the necessary medical information as well. You can write down all their allergies, illnesses and medications they take and put them in the first-aid box.


Also, make sure they have enough supplies of their necessary medications.

Tip 3: Secure their home

Secure Home

Install a proper alarm system and motion sensors to ensure your loved one remains safe. This will create an extra layer of security which is especially important if they live independently.


Also, hire a professional locksmith to change all the locks if necessary. Many criminals target seniors who live alone to steal from them, knowing that they're more likely to be vulnerable. So, take this precaution to guarantee their safety.

Tip 4: Have a plan in case of emergency

Write down an action plan for various scenarios which could occur. Put this plan on the refrigerator, and make sure your loved one can easily access it in an emergency. Provide them with contact information such as police department, fire station, doctors, etc., and make sure they know who to call in case of emergency.


Make it as easy as possible to dial you and your family in an emergency. When in panic, your loved one can forget a number, so provide them with alternative options such as speed dial.

Tip 5: Form a network for them

Make sure your loved one remains connected to their friends and social networks that are physically close. Encourage them to participate in community activities and keep up with their old connections. Doing this will not only keep them socially active but also support them in case something goes wrong.


If possible, be in touch with your loved one's neighbors and make sure they know who to contact in an emergency. Your loved one must have a supportive network that will give them the help they need when necessary.


Additionally, you will always have someone to call and ask if everything is alright with your loved one if they become rich.

Final Thoughts

Having a loved one living alone equals living in constant worry. Physically, you are at work, with family and friends, but mentally you are always thinking about the well-being of your loved one. is the end of all your worries with its daily check-in calls, which ensure that you are always updated with the safety and well-being of your loved one.


Along with making your loved one's home a secure and cozy place, is a great way to keep track of your family member's safety and health. So why wait?

What Do Others Say About Iamfine?

Cindy R.

This service offers peace of mind to everyone involved, it's a wonderful idea and worthwhile service. Love it!!


Myrle B.

As an active 88-year-old living alone, I like the reassurance that someone would know if I needed help. My daughter likes the security of knowing she would be contacted if I did not answer the morning call. Thanks, IAMFINE!


Dianne B.

I don't have to worry about being injured or dead, and it taking days to find me. Easy to use, if you're not going to be home at your check in time, you can check in online anytime, or call on your cell. I can also put it on hold when I'm gone, which is nice.


Brucie C.

I have forgotten to check in a couple of times and my sons have been notified and I was contacted just as I should have been.


Steve A.

Iamfine is a great and very reliable service I can depend on every day. Thanks