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Iamfine Care Circle

What is a Care Circle?

A Care Circle is a group of family and friends or neighbors that wish to be informed that the Loved One is OK. In some instances users have requested their local police department or vet be a member of the Care Circle

How is a person added to a Care Circle ?

When the system is first set up The Loved One is able to invite people to their Care Circle using an email address. The invited person will receive an email invitation. They MUST click on the "ACCEPT" button in the email to be added to the Care Circle.

Can I add more people to my Care Circle after the system is set up?

YES - At any time the Loved One may invite more people to their Care Circle by logging in to their account and selecting "Manage Care Circle".

Who can add a Care Circle member to a Loved One's account?

Only the Loved One can add a new Care Circle Member to their account. Please contact our customer service team if you need additional assistance adding more members.

What and how are alerts sent to the Care Circle?

As a Care Circle Member, you may set these options from your Iamfine account.

The following are the default settings

On a MISSED check-in

  • Email (you will always get this email. There is no option to turn this off)
  • Text (optional)
  • Call (optional)

On a successful check-in

  • Email (default is turned on. You may turn these off)
  • Text (optional)

To turn on Text and Call options, please log in to your Care Circle account after accepting the Care Circle invitation.

As a Care Circle Member, can I personalize my settings?

YES - Login to your Care Circle account on the Iamfine site to modify your alert preferences or even remove yourself from a Care Circle.

From here you may turn on Text and Call alerts when your Loved One misses their check-in call.

I look after multiple people. Can I be in more than 1 Care Circle

YES. You can be in multiple Care Circles with only one account.