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3 Habits That Can Help Seniors Live Healthier and Happier

The keys to health and happiness for seniors may be simpler than you think. Living your best life during your golden years doesn’t require a secret potion or complicated practices. All it really takes is a better understanding of your health and how to improve it. If you want to make a difference in your physical and mental well-being, you need to commit to basic wellness habits.


Getting Enough of the Right Exercises


Seniors who get at least a half-hour of exercise a few times a week are up to 25% less likely to spend time injured or disabled than their more sedentary counterparts. You need those regular cardio sessions to burn calories, keep your heart healthy, and maintain your weight, but you also need some strength training to keep your body balanced.


So, what are the best overall workouts for older adults to do? Exercises that you can do indoors, such as walking, video workouts, or even swimming, can make it easier to stick to a regular fitness routine all year long. You can do many of these workouts in your home, or you can get a membership at a gym to take advantage of a more diverse pool of workouts.


Speaking of pools, if you can only spring for one membership, it should be to a gym or health center that provides a place to swim. The benefits of swimming include a total body workout in half the time of other exercises, as well as relief from the pain of arthritis and inflammation.


Understanding Their Healthcare Coverage and Options


The costs of healthcare can be staggering for many seniors. One easy way you can avoid high out-of-pocket costs is to make sure you have the right health insurance for your needs. For most adults over the age of 65, this means being aware of the current Medicare and Medicare Advantage offerings that may best fit their health and wellness needs. Many seniors are unaware that they can get coverage for dental and vision by selecting certain Medicare Advantage plans, but these additional benefits can mean big savings for your long-term health. So, it’s important to learn more about the different Medicare Advantage plans offered by Aetna and to see if they may benefit you. There are also quite a few online Medicare resources that can help you gain a more in-depth understanding of the other parts of Medicare.


Making Arrangements to Age in Place


Home is a source of comfort, and the longer you can stay in yours, the more benefits you will see for your mental and physical health. Aging in place allows seniors to maintain more control over their lives, which also allows them to stay connected to their friends, family members, and hobbies. These positive life connections can be deterrents for isolation and depression.


So, how can you make ageing in place a reality? For most older adults, preparations should include modifications to prevent falls in their homes. Walk around your home and make sure all areas are well-lit and free of clutter that could cause you to trip. Bathrooms can be a big area of risk for seniors living at home, so you should also plan to gradually make yours more accessible, such as adding grab bars or a walk-in tub. If a walk-in tub is not in your retirement budget, there are other bathing options that can keep you safe as you age in place.


These basic habits can help you take more control of your life during your golden years. You just need to stay active, stay informed about your health, and stay proactive when it comes to preparing your home for the future. Commit to these simple steps and you are practically guaranteed to have better health and more happiness.

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