A story from an Iamfine user who lives alone with his pet

Living alone with your pet – what happens to them if you are incapacitated?

It's always interesting to hear from our users on how they find value in Iamfine

I recently spoke with Marcus from Atlanta, Georgia. Marcus lives alone with his pet German shepherd, "Tessa". His house is a few hundred yards from the street and not visible to passersby.

Marcus spent a large part of our conversation telling me about Tessa who he clearly adores. She is not only his pet but his companion and brings him comfort and happiness.

However, Marcus has a concern that if for any reason he is injured and can't call for help or even passes away, his pet dog may be without care for days or weeks.

He has configured the Iamfine service to call him every day, and IF and ONLY if he fails to answer the call and press #1 then it will send an email to his neighbor and vet.

Whilst it may be slightly morbid to plan for such an event, it's not very different than a person making a will, planning ahead is always a good thing, especially in this case where it ensures the health and wellbeing of his four-legged companions.


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