6 Fun & Easy Halloween Snacks for Seniors

You can't have Halloween without the treats!

From candy corn to caramel apples the October holiday is almost synonymous with sugar. Luckily, with a little bit of creativity, even healthier snacks can help you feel festive. The older we get, the more we have to pay attention to our diet, to combat heart disease and diabetes. It is important to watch out for food high in sugar and fat. With a few tricks, you can easily turn any treat into a Halloween delight. Enjoy these fun & easy Halloween snacks for seniors'!


Grab-and-go graveyard snacks

A bag of oranges and some low-fat string cheese can be turned into a spooky snack with a permanent marker. With the peel still on and the cheese still wrapped in plastic, take a pen and draw faces to make the pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns and the string cheese into ghosts. If you’re making snacks for a bunch of people lay them out on a platter to make a ghostly graveyard scene.


Zombie Teeth

Have you ever noticed that a granny smith apple is the perfect color green for a zombie? No? Well, turning sliced apples into a zombie smile is easy, and it only takes three ingredients. First, slice your green apple into about eight slices and slather each one with a bit of natural peanut butter. Then take two slices and put them peanut butter side together, making sure the green side faces out to look like a mouth. Then, take some slivered almonds and stick them into the peanut butter to give the appearance of teeth, and you’ve got a creepy treat anyone can enjoy.


Witch Finger Hummus

Store-bought hummus can quickly turn spooky if you prepare some witches’ fingers to serve alongside it. Slivered almonds come in handy again here, this time as the “nails” for the fingers. Wash and peel your carrots before taking a tiny dollop of hummus and putting it on the tip. Take the slivered almond and press it into the hummus to give it the appearance of a gnarled orange finger with a long pointy nail.


Ghost Berries

If you’re craving something with a bit more sweetness, then try some chocolate covered strawberries. Use melted white chocolate to give the berries a ghostly appearance, and then before they dry, use two chocolate chips to add a pair of eyes. Don’t worry about cutting the leaves off; ghosts can have green hair, right?


Werewolf Sliders

This might be more of an entree and less of a snack, but werewolf sliders are a fun holiday treat. Take slider buns or hot dog buns cut in half and stuff them with some shredded chicken mixed with barbeque sauce. Take apple slices cut into triangles and use toothpicks to stick them into the top of the bun, so it looks like ears. Then use some canned black olives and some more toothpicks to attach the eyes and nose. When you have attached all the pieces your slider should look like a werewolf. Just be careful when you’re eating this, so you don’t accidentally swallow a toothpick.


Bloody Punch

Fruit punch doesn’t usually scream Halloween. But to turn fruit punch into a Halloween treat, all you need is a rubber glove. Fill a rubber glove with water and use a rubber band to tie the end, essentially making a rubber glove water balloon. Put it in your freezer overnight, so it’s nice and solid. Once it’s frozen, you can cut away the rubber glove to reveal an ice-shaped severed hand that you can float in your bowl of blood-colored punch. You can also add a bit of food coloring into the water before it freezes to turn the hand green, red, or blue whatever you desire.


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