Appreciation for caregivers and essential workers

A thank you to essential workersHow can we show support for those on the frontlines

This past year has gone by in a blur. From early March, when news of the coronavirus pandemic reached the United States to now in September, it feels like it was over in the blink of an eye. But for essential workers and caregivers who have been putting their health at risk to help others, this time has not been easy. We are all extremely grateful for the services that essential workers have provided us during this time. As we begin to enter the season of thanks, think of all that you can do to thank the caregivers and essential workers in your life. Here are some ways to show appreciation for caregivers and essential workers...


“Thank you” can go a long way

Start with a simple thank you. It is amazing how often we can get so wrapped up in our day-to-day that we forget the simple weight words can carry. Telling your grocery store clerk, your mail carrier, the neighbor who works at the local hospital, or your bus driver "thank you for continuing to work during these uncertain times," can help make their day. Words have the power to lift us, and letting these essential workers know that we are thinking of them can help boost their spirits at a time when they may be feeling most vulnerable.


Signs for caregivers & essential workers

Make a sign to go outside your home, business, or the window of your car thanking essential workers. Making a sign can be an excellent opportunity for the whole family to work together on a project. It can be a way to teach children or grandchildren about gratitude and thanks. Make it fun for the family by using supplies you already have on hand at home from cardboard and markers to glitter and ribbons. Get creative to show appreciation for caregivers and essential workers!

Show appreciation in small ways

Caregivers and essential workers often work long hours. Sometimes this means that taking care of themselves can fall to the wayside. If you know a caregiver or essential worker, offer to pick up their groceries for them or arrange a restaurant delivery to their home or place of work. If you choose to show your thanks through food, make sure to coordinate it ahead of time to be done safely and sanitary. A little bit of warm food can go a long way in showing someone how appreciated they are.


Stay Home

Perhaps the most important thing we can do to show essential workers we are grateful to them is to stay home. While many places have been able to slow the coronavirus's spread, there are still places that are battling a rising number of cases. Even areas that have slowed the spread are not immune to new people testing positive. We must slow the spread by staying home when we can. When we have to go out, remember to remain socially distanced and wear a mask. Slowing the spread can help reduce the risk our essential workers take by going to work each day. 

Thank you from everyone at Iamfine!

Think of other ways to show appreciation for caregivers and essential workers. Caregivers and essential workers all need some extra care right now. Showing thanks can be as simple as saying the words "thank you." Keep our essential workers in your thoughts as we continue to move through this year and battle this pandemic. 


To donate to those on the frontline visite: Give Essential, Direct Relief

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