Tips to Cope with Self-Isolation

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Every person globally has felt the effects of the coronavirus known as COVID-19. It is a disease that disproportionately affects the oldest and most vulnerable in our communities. These tips to cope with self-isolation are just a launchpad. We must ban together as a society and look for ways to combat the stress and anxiety that comes with not being able to leave the house. From healthy eating to services that look out for us, utilizing all we can to stay healthy and happy is of utmost importance in these trying times. 


Coping with Self-Isolation


Self-isolation, staying inside to help reduce the spread and impact of COVID-19, can be especially hard for those who live alone. To help ease some of the worries, the daily call service Iamfine is offering up to four weeks of their service for free. 

The call service is a way for users to have a noninvasive check-in so that if something happens to them, the service can notify people of their choosing that something is wrong. Designed primarily to assist the elderly living alone, this is now a tool that can be utilized by any member of our society who worries about their safety in this time of solitude. Iamfine can be a tool to help cope with social-isolation.


Eat Right & Exercise


Maintaining both a healthy diet and a regular exercise schedule is vital to staying well. It may be tempting to spend these days in self-isolation eating ice cream while watching Netflix. But, by continuing to make nutritious food choices and staying active, we are giving our bodies the best chance at fighting off disease.

Many gyms have closed, and grocery stores aren’t as stocked as we are used to but, choosing to walk around the block or prepare some veggies with dinner is vital to our well being. Staying well-hydrated is also crucial to staying healthy. A healthy diet & exercise is a great way to cope with self-isolation.


Find ways to stay entertained. Try to have fun!


Keeping your brain sharp is another way to stave off the feelings of stir-craziness that come with being told to stay in your home. For the crafty people, YouTube is an excellent resource for anything from painting tutorials to knitting patterns. With libraries closed, Libby is an app where you can sign up with your library card to gain access to free digital materials from books and magazines to audiobooks. To listen to free podcasts online, visit iHeartRadio.


Stay connected


Most importantly, we must stay connected. While it is easy to keep the news on 24/7 part of keeping healthy means keeping connected. We must utilize this extra free time by reaching out to friends we maybe haven’t talked to in a while. Check-in on your coworkers with a quick text in the morning, replace the socialization we had while picking up our morning coffees by waving hi to your neighbors. 


Self-Isolation, you’re not alone


Though things seem scary now, it is essential to remember that the whole world is in on this together. Self-isolation may change our routines drastically, but it is for the better of us all. Try these tips to cope with self-isolation, but keep it simple if needed. We must keep ourselves healthy and happy so that when we pull through, we can once again hug and laugh together. And don’t forget to wash your hands well, cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze and cough and most importantly, stay home if you are sick.


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