Why companion animals are great for sheltering in place

Pet CompanionPet companions, we love 'em... 

Whether big or small, feline or canine, furry friends have been people’s closest animal companions for centuries. During these uncertain times, where much of the world is still sheltering-in-place to reduce the coronavirus spread, companion animals have become as important as ever. Having a loving animal in the home can help reduce stress, increase happiness, and be an excellent excuse for moving your body. Since this looks like we could only be at the beginning, let's talk about why companion animals are great for sheltering in place

Companion pets improve health

Pets, in general, have been shown to improve health, especially among the elderly. Over half the population over the age of 50 lives with an animal in their home, according to data from 2012. Those adults living with pets are more adaptive to stress, have lower blood pressure, lower body mass, and less severe cases of depression and anxiety.

With a large number of the US population currently out of work, and the number of coronavirus cases still on the rise in many states, more people are under stress than before. Being part of a high-risk group, such as seniors, can make these times even more stressful. Luckily, pets produce a physiological response in their owners. While a pet may not cure you of stress, it can reduce the adverse effects it can have on your body. For those with dementia, experiencing depression and agitation, having animals nearby has shown promising results


Less stressful sheltering in place

On top of being more stressed during the shelter-in-place, it can also be hard not to experience cabin fever being stuck in our homes more often than we ever were before. Pets are a great excuse to get outdoors for short spurts, even if that means 15 minutes playing fetch in the backyard. 

On average, pet owners have a lower body mass than non-pet owners, which may be because they take their animals on walks as part of their daily care. With things like dog parks being closed or limited, it is an excellent opportunity to go on solo-adventures with your companion pet, which can sometimes mean just a quick walk around the neighborhood. Fresh air and exercise can help keep both people and pets’ bodies healthy.


New Normal?

We are entering into a new era of global health, accountability, and awareness. Having a companion pet at home can go a long way in reducing the stress these changes will inevitably bring. Find out how Iamfine can help make sure your companion animal is taken care of even if something should happen to you. We know companion animals are great for sheltering in place and for life, have a plan that keeps them safe.

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