Testimonial from a user – saving a life

Testimonial from a user - helping keep seniors safe

April 2019

Falling as a senior living alone can be a scary thing, but thanks to Iamfine when Miss G. fell in her home earlier this month she was able to quickly get the help she needed.

At 89 years old Miss G is fiercely independent, according to Katie Tipton who has been working as Miss G's care coordinator for the past 14 years. Tipton works for a nonprofit, Kendal At Home, that helps seniors like Miss G remain in their home while providing services to ensure they are safe in their environment.

Part of Miss G's care plan through Kendal At Home is a check-in phone call every day through Iamfine. When Miss G didn’t answer her regularly scheduled call Tipton was one of the people the service alerted.

“It’s not the first time, to be honest… that she’s missed a call,” Tipton said. Sometimes Miss G doesn't make it to the phone in time or misses the call for some other reason, but in the past, she’s always been okay. Nevertheless, Tipton called to check in when she got the alert. When Tipton still hadn’t heard from Miss G after the next phone call she knew something might be wrong.

Tipton said she then called a neighbor who agreed to walk over to check on the situation. Miss G was found fully clothed in the bathtub and said she had slipped while swatting at a bug.

Miss G was unable to get herself out of the bathtub and had injured her elbow in the fall. The neighbor called emergency medical services and Miss G was taken to the hospital where she is expected to make a full recovery. Tipton said there is no way to know exactly what time Miss G fell but without Iamfine by the time someone realized something was wrong it might have been too late.

“It was truly within hours of the fall that we were notified,” Tipton said.

Miss G, like many seniors, prefers to remain independent. Tipton said she agreed to use the call service because she doesn't like to have many visitors to her home.

“She’s so fiercely independent. We do everything we can to help her and this allows her that freedom,” Tipton said.

Once Miss G is out of the hospital she will return to her home and Tipton said she will start receiving a second phone call through Iamfine each day. Tipton also recommends Iamfine to many of the seniors using Kendal At Home to prepare their care plans.

“This is definitely a top-notch service in my opinion,” Tipton said.

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I've lived alone for about 20 years, which suits me. However, for the past five years I've had no one to check on me daily (except my coworkers five days a week). Then I was laid off, can't find a job, and now I really don't have anybody to miss me.

I have personal knowledge of some people's falls at home, and the outcome can be tragic.

Iamfine gives me a safety net, and only takes a few seconds of my and my contacts' time daily.
peace of mind. so easy to set up.
What a relief my experience with IAMFINE is to me.

I have been alone for a very long time, am the last one living in my family. My main concern is my little pet cat. She has been my constant companion for nearly nine years. Should something unforeseen occur, the care of my loving little pet weighs heavy on my mind. I am so worried that she would be left alone with no food or water with no one even knowing she was in dire straights.

Now I can rest easy. “IAMFINE” monitoring my home with a daily phone call assures me that someone will notify my contacts should I not answer my phone.

The cost is a fair price to pay for peace of mind both for my welfare and that of my pet.
This service offers peace of mind to everyone involved, it's a wonderful idea and worthwhile service. Love it!!
The service gave me peace of mind. I stopped worrying about my cats feasting on my deceased body knowing I would be found way before that happened.
As an active 88-year-old living alone, I like the reassurance that someone would know if I needed help. My daughter likes the security of knowing she would be contacted if I did not answer the morning call. Thanks, IAMFINE!
Leaving the house early for Ash Wednesday services I used the log in function for the first time. I would not be at home for the call. Fast and automatic.
I don't have to worry about being injured or dead, and it taking days to find me. Easy to use, if you're not going to be home at your check in time, you can check in online anytime, or call on your cell. I can also put it on hold when I'm gone which is nice.
This has been a blessing to have that daily phone call reassuring someone is concerned about my well being. The morning phone call has been reliable coming in at the designated hour. I highly recommend imagine.

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