The mission of is to “create a better world for dogs and their owners.” From their site: “We do this by bringing you the very best dog-care resources so that you can better care for your four-legged friends. After all, we truly believe that man’s best friends deserve the best treatment!”

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Pet Peace of Mind

petpeace of mind

Pet Peace of Mind’s purpose: “Pet Peace of Mind’s purpose is to enrich the quality of life for seriously ill patients and the pets they love.” Dianne McGill, Pet Peace of Mind’s President, has overseen programs that work to keep older adults and their pets together and knows first-hand the many health benefits of the…

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Pet Adoption – Live Savers Animal Rescue


“Life Savers Animal Rescue (LSAR) consists of a dedicated and caring group of individuals working to rescue animals.  Our goal is to enrich the lives of the animals and the people who adopt them.”   Their mission: “To compassionately shelter lost, abandoned and surrendered pets and rehome those animals into a caring environment, thereby enriching lives…

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Cat Resource – Iheartcats

Iheatcats is an excellent resource for information and supplies. Not only are they cat people talking about cats, but a percentage of the profits from your purchases also go to feeding hungry cats all across the country. You can read more about their efforts here EVERY PURCHASE FEEDS SHELTER CATS   Iamfine is an excellent…

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Golden Retriever Love – Prepare Your Pet For Disaster

Golden Retriever Love

Started by Golden Retriever lover/owner, Corey Eckhart, this site promotes healthy living and pet owner preparedness through relevant articles and product offerings. Take a look at this very relevant article, “Emergency Pet Preparedness – Prepare Your Pet For Disaster”   Social Media for Golden Retriever Love: Facebook Instagram Youtube

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Pet Place

As pet-owners, you know that pets do not only provide emotional support, studies have linked pet-ownership to overall improvements in health as well. So, we know the overall health & well-being of your companion is incredibly important. was founded by a veterinarian with, you, the pet-owner in mind. They provide vet-sourced articles on pet…

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Pets for the Elderly

Pets for The Elderly

Pets for the Elderly specializes in “companion connection” for our elderly citizens through pet ownership. By working with animal shelters across the nation to bring the joy & friendship to of a pet-companion they truly are an organization to be applauded.   Since their inception in 1992, they have helped pay adoption fees to the…

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