Senior Safety depends on a range of measuresEnsuring senior safety means making sure that our senior citizens, especially those who are living alone, are OK.  This article describes the use of an automated daily call service to check on the safety of our senior citizens.

Especially at this time of Covid and self - isolation, so many of our senior citizens are alone at home.  From one day to the next we can't be sure that they are ok, unless we knock on the door or give them a regular call.

What could possibly happen?

Seniors of all stages of health may be happy (or have no choice except) to live alone and independently but, because of their age, are at higher risk of something that might happen to make them require assistance.  Perhaps they could fall and be unable to reach the phone, what then?  We have heard of tragic cases when people have been struggling for days unable to reach out for help having had a fall at home.  This is the kind of circumstance where the Iamfine service can really help.

How Iamfine Enhances Senior Safety for You

The Iamfine automated service calls (on your conventional phone) at the same time  each day with a short greeting and requests that you press 1 to confirm that you are ok.  You can then hang up - it takes just a few seconds.  The system will then let your friends, family and neighbours (or whomever you chose) know that you are ok.  This provides reassurance every day that you are ok, and it does this with negligible intrusion on your privacy and convenience.  No new equipment, no installations and no intrusive tracking is involved.

A Daily Check that Supplements the Emergency Call

Many safety services only provide care IF you request help, you have to wear or carry a device that allows you to summon help.  A pendant alarm or watch, for instance, will only provide service IF you press the button.



Improved Senior Safety with nothing to Install

With the Iamfine service running, you would never be left for more 24 hours, without someone being alerted.  Simply by not answering the phone and not checking in, the system will automatically alert your care circle to investigate.  We know, because we have been using Iamfine successfully for 10 years with our own mother who lives alone.

Need more Safety? - try two calls per day

If you would prefer two check-ins per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, you can have this capability with Iamfine for no extra cost.  This means that if something happens to you in your home, within 12 hours (instead of 24) your carecircle will be alerted.

Reassurance without loss of Privacy

A wide range of senior safety protection solutions are available that require the installation of sensors or cameras around your home.  But many people find this an intrusion to personal privacy.  And none of these offerings will prevent an accident from happening.  In some cases, they can give instant warning if an accident has happened (such as fall detectors).  It is not uncommon for these systems to become quite a nuisance too, constantly alerting with false alarms.  Iamfine however requires nothing to be installed, nothing to wear, no sensors, it just requires that you have a conventional telephone.


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