Lady Living Alone with a Pet Finds Reassurance

Who will care for Bailey if something happens to me? 

Nancy found the best solution for her and her pet

Lady relaxing with her dog

A week ago, I was walking from the kitchen to the living room. I got a headache and then my eyes went black. I blacked out when I was home alone with my dog. I don't know how long I was like that, but I woke up with Bailey licking my hair.

I collapsed on the floor…

I opened my eyes and was confused about what happened. There were dishes scattered on the table, a vase of flowers broken on the floor, and unwrapped chocolate from the bowl of sweets. I was afraid Bailey might have harmed himself, but I didn't even have the energy to get up and check on him. He kept licking my hair and face while I came to my senses. This time it was all right, but I was very worried about what would happen to Bailey if something serious happened to me. 


 I was afraid my dog might have hurt himself…

Pet Bailey at risk

Nancy is 80. It has been 5 years that she has lived without Bob, her beloved husband, who passed away unexpectedly.  After her husband's death, Nancy found comfort in her little pup Bailey who brings joy to her life and partially helps her cope with the loss of Bob.

A typical day for Nancy includes a morning walk with Bailey around the neighborhood. They walk in the local park, then go to the pet store to get a treat and perhaps a toy - a route that Bailey knows well. Nancy also knows what Bailey likes the most at home, he likes playing fetch and then cuddling up to her when she watches TV.

Nancy and Bailey are inseparable, they keep each other company and look out for each other.  They make a great team.


What If...something happens to Bailey when I am not okay…


Nancy felt exhausted from the physical and emotional struggle of her husband passing and the challenges of ageing. She was thinking about how to keep her beloved pup safe if something happened to her, but she couldn't find a solution.

"What if one day I don't wake up as usual, and Bailey is left alone?" - she thought. "What would this little pup do with no one to take care of him?".

Every time she felt bad, Bailey felt bad too. He knew something was wrong with his mom and he seemed afraid of being alone again. 

She promised to love and protect him, no matter what


She felt so grateful to Bailey for saving her when she needed it after her husband's death.  It was Bailey who helped Nancy to find joy in life again and she wanted to do the same for him.

"That would be so selfish of me to leave Bailey without a loving person to take care of him," - Nancy thought. "When I brought him home, I promised to love and protect him, no matter what".

These thoughts concerning Nancy until one day, she heard of Iamfine - a check-up service for the elderly who live alone. Here's what she learned.


Simple way to remove worries 


A friend of Nancy, Mrs. Brown who walks her dog, Charlie, at the same time as Nancy and Bailey, once told Nancy about Iamfine.


"Hello, Nancy. How are you feeling today?" asked Mrs. Brown with a worried smile after not having seen Nancy and Bailey for around a week in the park.


"I had been feeling weak for the last couple of days. Though I felt a strong desire to go out with Bailey, I didn't want to take the risk. This is the first day I felt like going outside in the last week or so."


"Nancy, I am sure you will do anything you can to make sure that Bailey is safe and cared for, I thought you might like to know about the daily check-in service that can make you worry less.

“It's basically a check-up service for elderly people living alone, and it also works for pets!  And it's just $14.99 per month. You won't even notice it in your monthly expenses!" Nancy's worries are gone because she knows that her dog will be safe.


Iamfine is a daily automated check-in service for seniors who live alone. Along with services of medication reminders and daily check-ins of seniors' well-being, Nancy was pleased to learn that this service is also suitable for pets of those who live alone.


  • Every day, Iamfine makes automated check-in calls to seniors. These are short calls that ask respondents to press a number on the telephone to prove they are OK. If they do not check in by the predetermined time, Iamfine trys several times to reach out to them within the following hour.


  • If there is still no answer, Iamfine notifies their entrusted contacts so they can look after the senior and make sure everything is OK.


  • Those entrusted people, or Care Circle as Iamfine defines it, are anyone that seniors might want to be contacted in case of emergency. The care circle can include family, friends, or other carers who are responsible for the senior's safety. During the registration, the senior provides the contacts of those people.


Nancy was excited she didn't need a complicated setup to start using Iamfine.

"You just need to sign up with your phone, filling in some basic data such as your phone number, preferred frequency, and time of the check-in calls," said Mrs. Brown. "It's so easy to use. That's why I recommend it to all my friends".

"Mrs. Brown, this is great news for an old lady like me, but what about my Bailey? I am worried that if something happens to me, he will stay alone," – Nancy asked.  Well that's just a matter of letting your care circle members know your wishes for Bailey's care in the event of an emergency.


Iamfine for Pet Owners

And here's how Iamfine can help care for a senior pet in case something happens to them. If the senior is out of reach within an hour after the daily check-in call, Iamfine automatically notifies the senior's selected people to check in on the senior's pet. 


This gives peace of mind to senior pet owners; the pet will be entrusted to senior's loved ones if something happens to them. The furry friend won't be left alone. If a senior is not able to care for their pet, the pet will not be alone and hungry and will get the best possible care.


Iamfine allows up to 8 Care Circle members from anywhere in the world who will be contacted if you do not check in each day. These can be friends, neighbors, relatives, or even the vet.

What Do Others Say About Iamfine?


Jill H.

The service gave me peace of mind. I stopped worrying about my cats feasting on my deceased body knowing I would be found way before that happened.


Cindy R.

This service offers peace of mind to everyone involved, it's a wonderful idea and worthwhile service. Love it!!


Dianne B.

I don't have to worry about being injured or dead, and it takes days to find me. Easy to use, if you're not going to be home at your check-in time, you can check in online anytime, or call on your cell. I can also put it on hold when I'm gone which is nice.