Senior-Friendly Tech: Budget-Conscious 

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High-tech gadgets are making life easier for everyone these days, though some seniors may struggle more than others with modern technology. However, achieving a degree of technological fluency doesn’t mean turning everything over to devices you don’t understand. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable and easy-to-use gadgets and services that can make a real difference in an older adult’s daily life.

Finding senior-Friendly tech can be overwhelming. Especially when your budget-conscious. As we all should be. Take a look at these tech 
tips for older adults.  


Med Management

One of the greatest worries for many older adults is keeping up with medication, especially when it becomes hard to keep track of how many pills you should take a day. The MedMinder acts like a run-of-the-mill, seven-day pill dispenser, with one big difference: The MedMinder unlocks only that day’s pills so there’s no possibility of a mistake. A prerecorded voice from a relative or caregiver prompts the individual with an automatic reminder that it’s time for that day’s dose.

The MedMinder even sends a warning if the senior still hasn’t taken that day’s medication, so a loved one can make contact via phone or video reminder. If you’re worried about price, bear in mind that MedMinder is a service, so there are no upfront costs or long-term obligations. You can sign up for a monthly monitoring package for as little as $25 per month.


Laptops and Tablets: Affordable and Easy to Learn

Laptops and tablets are two of the most widely used communications devices, and though some are expensive and difficult for seniors to use, there are lots of affordable senior-friendly options out there. Many of the newer models have features that are tailored to an older adult’s needs, including long battery life, a powerful webcam, a large screen, and lightweight construction. If you’re in the market for a computer, keep in mind that seasonal sales are usually the best time to get a deal on a new tablet or laptop.


Find the Ideal Smartphone and Plan

The cell phone market today can be dizzying, and that’s before you get sticker shock. That being said, there are plenty of smartphones that are geared toward seniors who don’t want lots of bells and whistles. There are prepaid phones and even basic phones to be had, in addition to some with extra features that might appeal to you. When you set up a new phone, be sure to zero in on the ideal wireless plan. Just be sure not to pay for more than what you need. 

Iamfine's daily automated check-in calls can work with any phone plan and offer big rewards. They have plans to work within your budget. Their two-week free trial is a great way to test for yourself.


Smart Home Safety

Smart home technology is revolutionizing homelife. For seniors, it can be liberating. New home tech makes it easy to control door locks, lights, and much more. If you’re concerned about strangers coming to your front door, a video doorbell lets you keep an eye on visitors from the comfort of your favorite chair. Aging in place is made easier because seniors stay safe and in control over their environment. Best of all, the popularity and rapid spread of smart home technology have made it more accessible to everyone. And with home appliance deals and special offers, you can get the products you want at affordable prices.


Multipurpose High-Tech Care

What’s not to like about a multipurpose communication system that helps keep you safe and in contact with loved ones? The GrandCare system can also track key health indicators like blood pressure, heart rate, and glucose levels. An interactive touch screen (there’s no keyboard or remote) provides easy access to movies, television programs, family photos, and video chat features. And it’s an affordable option that can be scaled to meet a senior’s specific needs.

New developments in smart technology can help older adults save money, stay safe, and in close communication with others. Because it’s scalable, it can be done at a price that makes sense for someone on a tight budget and a fixed income. So don't forget, finding senior-friendly tech while being budget-conscious 
can appear scary, keep in mind these tips for older adults.


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